Devolo Magic 1 LAN 1-1-1

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Devolo Magic 1 LAN 1-1-1
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Devolo Magic 1 LAN adapter, 1200Mbps, 128 bit AES encryption, white

Receive the digital future within your four walls! How does it happen? With devolo Magic 1 LAN and its enchanting features.

Be prepared for the distant future already today. Streaming, gaming, home-office or virtual reality turns into amazing experiences. Thanks to the innovative Powerline technology, you have fast and reliable internet access in just every corner of your home.

Devolo Magic 1 LAN reaches incredible peak speeds of up to 1200 Mbit/s for pure digital freedom. And the unprecedented stretches of up to 400 meters.

A Gigabit LAN connection connects your desktop devices as a smart TV or game console. Start directly with Smart Plug & Play. Unpack, insert and get great connection. In a handy, you have a good overview of all devolo Magic adapters with the help of the new, innovative devolo app. More magical internet enjoyment and especially in the future with devolo Magic 1 LAN!

• Up to 400m range
• 128 Bit AES Encryption
• Up to 1200Mbps over the powerline

Dimensions(WxDxH): 92x118x192mm
Weight: 475g

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