3M GPF15.6W Gold Privacy Filter

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3M GPF15.6W Gold Privacy Filter
3M GPF15.6W Gold Privacy Filter
3M GPF15.6W Gold Privacy Filter
3M GPF15.6W Gold Privacy Filter
3M GPF15.6W Gold Privacy Filter
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3M Gold privacy filter for 15.6 widescreen laptop

Get high performance clarity with 3M gold privacy laptop screens while in the office or in public places like airports and coffee shops. Our laptop privacy screens protect your information without reducing clarity – people on either side of you see gold and nothing more, while you see your screen clearly and unhindered.

Clarity and privacy
A shield of gold sits between prying eyes from the side and your sensitive data. You get incredible clarity and your confidential information is protected.

Quality display
Gold privacy laptop screens provide the high-contrast, high-resolution quality you expect.

Gold or glossy black
The exclusive gold effect provides premium privacy with a glossy finish. Flip the reversible filter for a glossy black screen.

• Aspect ratio: 16:9
• Reversible to glossy black
• Easy to attach, remove and clean
• Great for high-resolution monitors
• Reduces 35 % of blue light transmission
• Gold, glossy finish for incredible clarity
• Helps protect from everyday dust and scratches
• 25 % more clarity than standard 3M™ Black Privacy Filters
• Effective 'gold out' privacy from side views outside the 60 ° viewing angle
• 3M gold monitor privacy screens fade to gold starting at the 30 ° side angle

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